How did last night go? Highlights? Low points?Describe the experience of presenting to “strangers.”Do you think your did better or worse than your in-class presentation? What was different?Any suggestions on ways to improve Capstone night for future years?

    Last night was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a better chill community reviewer who was Mrs. Smith. I presented very well, I think, straight to the point, and Mrs. Smith liked it!!!!! Throughout the whole thing there were no low points, it was all good!!!! It was nice to because It was just me and someone else, so it went by really quickly. I think that I’m a good presentor, and speaking to strangers is something that I like to do. I have taken toastmasters and public speaking, so I feel confident when I talk to people. I like to present to people, so presenting in front of strangers is sort of my thing. I think that I did better then my in class presentation because I was more prepared, and focused. It was the 2nd time doing it in front of people so I naturally felt more relaxed. I think what was different was that in my in-class presentation was that I had a couple flaws, and I fixed them when I gave the presentation to the community reviewer. I was more prepared, and I just knew everything so well. I think that maybe poor more people into rooms so it can be more engaging. I only 3 people in my room including myself, and I don’t like talking to one person because it makes me feel like my project has no meaning. That’s just me though, others like it because they don’t have to stand in front of the room presenting. I also think that another thing to help the senior capstone for next year is maybe give students less time because this kind of paper could be written in 2 weeks top if not less. I just think if sycamore wants to prepare us for College then we should get something to the real thing or close to it. Other then that I HAD A GRRRRR-ATE NIGHT


Presentation Answers FROM CAMILO!

  • What potential problems or hurdles may you encounter as you prepare for your project presentation?

That some people may not be so familiar with my topic. Also that I might just struggle with my own presentation in general. I’m really nervous.

  • How will you engage your audience throughout your presentation?

I’m going to speak really well and be really motivated. I always try to connect with the audience right at the beginning. Probably engage more with the visual aid.

  • What’s your plan for your visual aide? How will you prepare/practice your presentation?

I will use a power point throughout my whole presentation as a guideline so it not just help me but also keep my audience along with me.

  • Think of your audience…are you making choices for your presentation that will inform and excite your audience.

I think the powerpoint will make the audience feel more like they are following along instead of being lost. I will probably do a personally story, maybe make a joke or two.

Keeping up with the Camil Ep.5

So this past week has been total awful, I have literraly been freaking out about everything because my project is due today! Throuhgout all the stress I was able to finish my paper, because all I had to do was just revise it and go over a few things. Get all my sources in order, then fix some of the spacing and getting the right sub titles for it. Probably one of my biggest struggles during this week would be trying to get my work cited page done because so many people were telling me different methods of getting it done. One way was easybib while others told me to just go on microsoft and just do it from there. I got it done but it took me longer than it should have, I never planned for it to take me like 1 hour thought it would be more like 10min. On my friday i just got all my stuff put in, and everything was in place. Everything was almost perfect, and now im nervous that I messed up a small detail, which I didn’t see. I think overall I a anice job with my whole research project, and now I am preparing for the big moment to come which is speaking in front of the class.

Websites Reviews

        My first website review will be on the site. The site give a whole overview of the company of GE, which includes business, consumers, products, news, investor relations, careers, and more. Within the website you can find jobs throughout the world, and you can better learn about what GE does. From just the front of the webpage, you are made aware that this company supplies the world with, airplane engines. You are also allowed to browse their stores for their own products. Lastly the website is a quick overview of the company while also sharing details about the company, and letting you have a quick overview of the company’s work.


     My 2nd article review is on the website New7Wonders site. This website is pretty nice because off the bat they show all the 7 wonders of the world. They also have a live facebook feed that is what people share with. It’s like a live conversation with facebook; they also have it with twitter. They also n ot just explore on the 7 wonders, but on the 7 cities, and nature! 


Keeping up with the Camilo Ep. 4

     This past week has probably been the most stressfull out of all my weeks in senior capstone. Section 4 has been almost my downfall, because it was just so hard for me that I overthought it way too much. I finally got my rough draft of my section 4 done eventually. I got some interviews done, and plan to have more to insert into my paper. The one problem I’m having is trying to find a long source, that I haven’t found yet. That’s my main focus right now, to find my long source so I can have my requirements done. This week has been just trying to get my section 4 finalized and ready to move onto my section 5. I’ve got a good idea on my changes, and I plan to have it done by the end of the week. I plan to get more research information on the growth parts of my paper because I feel that, that’s where its really weak, and would like to reinforce it. Other then that everything is going smoothly.


Keeping Up with the Camilo Ep. 3

   This week has been very rough because I found many mistakes in my Sections 1-2-3 that I need to improve. but also having to compelete section 4 by next tuesday. So far I’ve made some changes to my Sections 1-2-3, and I plan to connect more with, and make a few more changes before I think it wil be final. I’ve been researching more about my topic so my section 4 will be very solid. I finalized my meetings (interviews), and I will have completed them over the break. Had to make some adjustments because the main person I was going to interview had a baby. I plan to have my interviews done by next tuesday, and will start my section that same day. work on it every day. I’ve gathered more information, and I will start to utilize what I have found and embed it to my paper.

6 Ways to Grow Up?

I totally agree with Egan on every single example that she has expressed in her article. I can find evidecent bout how I don’t live a passive life any more. I have grown so much, and I now lead a more active role, not only in my family but in my own life aswell. I have a car, a job, college, and bills that I have to take care of. I have taken upon these reponsbilities, compared to stuff I used to have like taking out the trash. Also I’ve found widened my views of interest, like I’ve gotten to many more things, and tried. One thing would be hockey, lacrosse, and the hardest will be finding a job and maintaining it. I think a school really doesn’t help you grow, it’s more of how you have been rasied, and take it upon yourself on how you grow. I think sycamore doesn’t give us any chance because it’s school.